Thawj coj mas zoo li no os

Discussion of Hmong people and its culture

Kuv pom qhov no nyob tom facebook es kuv lam muab rau nej tau saib
tias kev ua thawj coj puas yog zoo li no.
tus nyuag taug choj ua ntej ko yog ib tug thawj coj lawm laud cia seb peb puas yuav pom ib  tug hmoob twg uas tsis yog qaib dawb los taug ib tug choj rau ib daim av ua ntej li daim duab koj show no li ov.
2 yawg-- but it really depends.  don't just look at the lead.  we need
to look at the whole picture.  this rooster could be up to no good.
ntsia mas zoo li niag choj ntawd twb saj saj yuav dam sub... xyov yog
niag lau qaib ntawd yuav coj pab qaib ntawv mus kom choj dam es mag
kheb noj los tsis paub.  if i were one of those chickens behind, i
would really have to think deep before crossing it.
txawm yog tus choj saj saj zoo li yuav dam ntag thiaj li chicken tas tsis muaj tus taug mus li ntag laud. sab qub qaib coob muaj cov nyom thiab cooj noj tas lawm tus lau qaib mus sab tid mas nyom los tshiab mos mos cooj los yuav coob ya zom zaws tus twg tsis mus cia nws nyob nws that's how leader have to make the decision trading risk and reward just like loan and credit card investment. invest in credit card is in serious lost of the fund but the reward % ismuch greater where us invest in bank acc for FDIC is much safer for the fund but very low in % on the return. a leader pick the right choice at the right time. if wrong choice would leading to death but if it is the right choice would turn into the survival of his race/specie. so follow the leader of your choice. that's how hmong people follow/accept what gvp had said while pay little attention to other people who lack track record on being right at making decision.
idonnotknow-- it's not just about die or live, it's about whether it's
the right place to go.  in this picture you don't see what's on the
other side.  Could be just lions, hyennas and eagles on the side.  my
point is you really have to evaluate the situation first.